Magnesium Oil & Lavender Essential Oil
Magnesium Oil & Lavender Essential Oil

Magnesium Oil & Lavender Essential Oil

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Our high quality Magnesium Oil is rapidly absorbed through the skin for stress relief, better sleep, muscle care and recovery. Research shows that supplementing with Magnesium Oil will also reduce symptoms of depression and for pregnant mama's it's good for you too because it curbs nausea and helps the body rest and sleep...its beneficial for your skin whatever stage in life you're at. Adding lavender essential oil also helps calm the senses with its beautiful aroma, it is used world wide as an aid for relaxation.


You simply spray and rub onto your skin, specifically areas of strain i.e legs or lower back and soles of your feet. You may notice a tingling sensation. This is totally normal (and is a sign of Magnesium deficiency). If you are particularly sensitive we recommend applying a moisturizer before spraying on the Magnesium Oil and also starting with just 1-2 sprays to work up a tolerance. 100 % Natural. Vegan. Cruelty Free. Australian Essential Oil


Magnesium Chloride, Purified H20, Lavandula (Lavender Essential Oils)